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Williamsburg is the birthplace of hipster culture in the now super-hip borough of Brooklyn. Its old-school early 20th-century warehouses converted into art galleries, hopping nightclubs, and urban streets dotted with fashionable coffeehouses. Those streets also feature some great Williamsburg pizza shops!

Students Eating Pizza

Williamsburg has become more refined and family-friendly in recent years, with plenty of fancy shopping options and wonderful city parks like the historic McCarren Park and the newly opened Domino Park. Hipsters, young families, and the sophisticated older crowd will all delight in everything Williamsburg has to offer.

Williamsburg’s food scene is yet another highly fascinating aspect of its culture, its restaurant offerings rivaling the most iconic Manhattan neighborhoods. 

New York is famous for its cultural and culinary diversity, but the most famous food in the Big Apple is unequivocally pizza. Williamsburg has the perfect combination of old and new pizzerias, offering the most delicious pizza as traditional or innovative as you desire. 

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Williamsburg, check out the following list of restaurants I have compiled. Any one of these spots will surely become your favorite.  

Best Pizza Places in Williamsburg

  1. Best Pizza
  2. Joe’s Pizza
  3. Vinnie’s Pizzeria
  4. MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company
  5. Two Boots Williamsburg
  6. Dough Vale
  7. Forcella
  8. Sal’s
  9. Tony’s Pizzeria
  10. Williamsburg Pizza
  11. Rosa’s Pizza

Best Pizza

33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 599-2210
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Located two blocks from the iconic Williamsburg Bridge that connects Brooklyn to the lower East Side of Manhattan, Best Pizza is the owner and Head Chef Frank Pinello’s old-meets-new authentic New York pizzeria.

Pinello combines his Sicilian heritage and Brooklyn upbringing to inspire Best Pizza’s traditional New York-style round pizza menu in a trendy yet old-school pizzeria atmosphere.

Pinello bakes his pizzas in a 100-year-old oven, offering by-the-slice and whole varieties along with an excellent selection of hero sandwiches and fresh salads.

Pizzas are completely customizable using a list of traditional and gourmet toppings like anchovy, caramelized onions, and pickled veggies.  

Joe’s Pizza

216 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone: (718) 388-2216
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Located in West Williamsburg, a few blocks from the iconic McCarren Park, Joe’s Pizza is a New York institution originating in Manhattan in 1975.

Owner Joe Pozzuoli still cranks his famous pies in and out of the oven. Joe’s Pizza is perfect in its simplicity, offering the most basic one or two ingredient pizzas without exception.

Joe’s Pizza is the most iconic and historical New York pizzeria you’ll find in Williamsburg, so if you’re looking for the purest New York slice, head to Joe’s for the most delicious cheese pizza you can find in the Big Apple.

While plain cheese is the standard, Joe’s does offer a small list of toppings along with a white pie option.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria

148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone: (718) 782-7078
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Where Joe’s is a New York institution, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is a home-grown Williamsburg favorite, opening on Williamsburg’s Westside in 1960. Vinnie’s Pizzeria uses the same family recipes for dough and sauces, but the creativity and innovation of Vinnie’s pizza concepts are ever changing.

You’ll find daily specials written on a silly chalk “bored” amid one-liner puns in this fun, family-friendly Williamsburg institution.

The latest craze at Vinnie’s is a pizza box made entirely of pizza dough. If you’re looking for a standard round pie, there’s a long list of unconventional favorites.

I went for The Cowboy, with seasoned ground beef, bacon, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and ranch dressing.  

MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company

174 N 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 782-2020
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Located in West Williamsburg, a few blocks from the Jaime Campiz Playground, MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company is a friendly, casual beer, wine, and cocktail bar and pizza restaurant with a contemporary New York twist on Neapolitan pizza. 

The cozy yet modern dining space revolves around an open kitchen with a tremendous tree-covered patio to enjoy alfresco pizza and drinks with friends.

MidiCi has a great happy hour daily with half-priced beverages from 3-7 pm daily. Their menu features plenty of delicious specialty pies and calzones, appetizers, and desserts.

I enjoyed their truffle and prosciutto pie, and their Nutella stuffed dessert calzone was the perfect dessert.

Two Boots Williamsburg

558 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 387-2668
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Two Boots is New York’s only Cajun-Italian pizzeria, originating in the East Village in 1987 when friends and filmmakers Doris Kornish and Phil Hartman combined their love for Louisiana’s Cajun cuisine with New York’s favorite dish.

The atmosphere at the West Williamsburg location is family-friendly, quirky, and colorful, adorned with folk art and brightly colored murals.

You won’t find pizza like Two Boots anywhere, with their signature cornmeal crust and a wide variety of specialty pies with as many vegan and vegetarian options as there are meat lovers pies.

I went with the most Cajun option and tried the Bayou Beast, with spiced shrimp, crawfish, andouille sausage, jalapenos, and mozzarella. 

Dough Vale

330 S 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (347) 889-7400
Visit website 

Located in Central Williamsburg in front of Rodney Park North, Dough Vale is a cozy Italian eatery and pizzeria in an intimate industrial-chic dining room with a romantic and welcoming atmosphere.

Owner and Head Chef Giuseppe Cangiolosi uses a unique mixture of semolina, rice, soy, spelt, and cornflour to create a flavorful and light crust that’s low in gluten.

Along with wood-fired pizza, you can enjoy a selection of refined yet traditional house-made pasta, salads, and focaccia bread made from the same dough recipe. Alcohol isn’t sold on the premises, but you can bring your own wine and beer.

I loved the Tartufo pizza with fiordilatte cheese, asparagus, mushrooms, taleggio cheese, walnuts, and truffle oil. 


485 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 388-8820
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Forcella is a cocktail bar and New York-style pizzeria in an old-school Brooklyn dining room with deep rich wood floors and trims and antique light fixtures in East Williamsburg.

They’re open till 2 am, and their hearty portions, inventive pizzas, and friendly service make them a neighborhood favorite for dinner or a late-night meal.

They offer brick oven Neapolitan and New York-style pizza, but their signature pizza is the New York fried pizza that comes in either Margherita or Tartufo.

They also make delicious house-made burrata and a wonderful vodka sauce, so I recommend trying their pasta! 


544 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 388-6838
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Located in the heart of central Williamsburg, a block from the Brooklyn Public Library, Sal’s is a classic New York-style slice shop and casual dine-in joint decorated with sturdy wood furniture and old photographs of the owner and his family.

Sal’s has a decades-long presence in Williamsburg and offers a variety of by-the-slice pizza from a traditional glass display case counter.

Whether you want the New York-style round thin-crust or a dense, square-shaped Sicilian pan pizza, Sal’s got them both, along with hero sandwiches, salads, pasta, calzones, and appetizers.

I recommend the thick and hearty Sicilian pie with eggplant and ricotta.   

Tony’s Pizzeria

355 Graham Ave #3708, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 384-8669
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Tony’s Pizzeria is a casual pizza restaurant in East Williamsburg, a quick walk from Cooper’s Park, serving the most eclectic selection of pizza styles along with a vast menu of Italian, American, and Greek comfort food favorites like gyros, burgers, pasta, and heroes.

Tony’s is a fast-casual spot that does a great by-the-slice and takeout business and has plenty of seating for dine-in customers.

Tony’s has the most extensive menu on my list, so if you go with someone who doesn’t want pizza, they have plenty of other options. The pizza comes whole or by the slice and in many different styles, including deep-dish pan pizza, Neapolitan, Sicilian, and pizzette.

I loved their Sicilian Grandma Pizza with mozzarella and both marinara and basil pesto sauce. 

Williamsburg Pizza

265 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 855-8729
Visit Website

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, one block from Ten Eyck Plaza, Williamsburg Pizza is a take-out and delivery pizzeria specializing in classic New York and Sicilian pizzas with gourmet execution and high-quality ingredients.

There’s always a line out the door in this bustling and trendy pizza counter where the pizza sells so fast. You always get a piping hot slice right out of the oven.

They have some of the best Sicilian slices in town. Still, my favorite whole New York-style pie is the perfectly balanced Apple Bacon pizza with smoked fresh mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, bacon, crushed walnuts, gorgonzola, and apples.

Rosa’s Pizza

374 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 963-2378
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Located right off the busy I 278, Rosa’s Pizza in Williamsburg is the newest addition to a 40 year New York Pizza tradition that originated in Maspeth in 1975 and continues to be a family-owned and run business.

Rosa’s Pizza offers pizza by the slice and whole New York, Sicilian, and Sfincione Pies that use tried-and-true family recipes and inventive styles.

They are famous for their upside-down Sicilian pie with cheese on the bottom and sauce on the top, then dusted with oregano, parmesan and drizzled with olive oil

They also have an old-school classic known as the Sfincione pie, a square-shaped pan pie with tomato sauce, sauteed onions, toasted breadcrumbs, and a sprinkle of pecorino. I loved their Vodka Grandma pie, but their round pies are equally delicious. 

Final Thoughts

Williamsburg has an eclectic array of pizza restaurants with everything from Cajun Italian to authentic Neapolitan. My list of the best pizza in Williamsburg has the best pizza whether you want a quick New York slice or a luxurious family-style Italian dinner.

Did we leave something off this list? If so, leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out! 


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