Freezing Pizza

Can You Freeze Pizza?

Have you found yourself in the unusual position of having uneaten pizza? First things first – congratulations on that self-control! Most of us eat not until we’re just full, but until there’s nothing left in front of us.

Secondly, you’re probably wondering how to best salvage those leftovers. Can you freeze pizza as you would other foods, and if so, how long will it keep? 

Can You Put Pizza in the Freezer?

Good news: you can indeed freeze pizza and preserve all that delicious taste and texture! There are just a few things to note so you can ensure food safety and maximum cheesy goodness when you’re eating your slice a few days (or weeks) from now.

How to Freeze Pizza

frozen pizza

You’ll need to make sure your slices are packed in nice and tight. That means no freezing the whole thing in the box! If air reaches the pizza, it will get freezer burn and most likely be inedible. So what is the best way to freeze pizza?

We recommend either an airtight container or else wrapping each slice up in plastic wrap and then again in aluminum foil. You might even want to write the date on the packaging so you can remember exactly how long it’s been in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Pizza?

Pizza can keep for up to 2 months in the freezer, which is surely enough of a window for you to get a hankering for a slice again. It’s worth remembering, however, that the longer food stays in the freeze, the less tasty it will become. And if you notice any off colors or funny smells? It’s time to say goodbye to that pizza and order a fresh pie.

How to Defrost Pizza

leftover pizza

If you’re thawing your pizza in the refrigerator, you can store it there and eat it over a few days. Just make sure you reheat it thoroughly before consuming it. If you’re thawing your pizza using an oven or microwave, you’ll need to eat it immediately. Unlike a fresh pie, your reheated pizza can’t sit for too long cooling off.

Why is this? Heating and cooling food continuously can affect the moisture and quality of the product, and this can cause bacteria to develop on it quickly. Be extra aware of this if you have any meat toppings on your pizza.

What About Pizza in the Fridge?

If you think you’ll want to eat the rest of your leftover pizza pretty soon, then you might not need to worry about freezing it. According to the USDA, if you’ve been refrigerating your pizza at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then it’s safe to eat for up to four days.

Whether you’re team “I eat all the pizza in one sitting” or team “leftover pizza is king”, being able to stockpile your pizza is undoubtedly a great money saver and will prevent you from wasting food. Now that you know everything about its shelf life, go forth and freeze that pizza! You will be grateful for it later when you’re hungry for a slice.


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