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Zoner’s Pizza Opening in Macon Georgia this November

Zoner’s Pizza, Wings and Waffles will be opening in Macon this November.

The restaurant is a part of a franchise owned in part by former professional football player Herschel Walker. His family recipes are used for menu items.

“We use Herschel Walker’s mom’s waffles,” said owner Don Bryan. “We also use Herschel Walker’s chicken.”

Bryan teamed up with Walker about two years ago and they have opened 16 locations since then.

“People don’t realize that Herschel Walker is one of the biggest chicken distributors around,” Bryan said.

Regional Director Tiffany Musto says their food is uniquely tasty.

“We make our dough fresh every day. We have the best quality cheese that you will find at any restaurant. Our vegetables come in; we chop them daily. Our wings are smoked for three hours,” she said.

“Nothing’s frozen,” Bryan said.

Bryan says he was driving to Dublin when he came through Macon and says the opportunity to open a Zoner’s there was something he couldn’t pass up.

“I said ‘my goodness, this is where we need to be.’ We were looking for different spots and realized Macon was right off the freeway. There would be a fantastic location,” he said.

Upon opening in Macon, Bryan says he wants Walker to visit, but since he was appointed by President Trump to the President’s Council on Sport, Fitness, and Nutrition in 2018, he’s been pretty busy.

“He is involved, he’s excited, he’s really wanting to build this up to be a national chain,” Bryan said.

He says they would like to open up on November 17. The restaurant will be located at 3955 Arkwright Road, Suite E.

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